For me several aspects are important in agility.

First of all the fun in training agility for both dog and handler. A positive way of training and enjoying what you’re doing is fundamental for a good performance.

I also find important a solid basic technique. There are so many techniques, turns etc. possible. Both the dog and the handler must know what they’re doing to perform optimally the techniques they’re using.

During my own training I’m constantly looking for new challenges. I try to make my students enthusiastic for that attitude and like to challenge them to go the extra mile. I show them options they would never have thought to be possible for them and give them the confidence they will succeed.

Agility is about speed. The sooner you as a handler can be in the right position the better you can show your dog the right way. The result is that your dog can retain more speed and you will have more opportunities to apply the most effective solutions. Speed ​​of the handler is not about just running fast. It’s about smart handling and good use of different techniques. You don’t have to be a fast runner to be a quick handler.

In every training session at every level I try to get the most out of a combination. Whether it’s a novice handler with a novice dog or a top combination with a lot of experience. For everyone there’s a new challenge.