Workshop running in agility

"If I could borrow your legs once ..."

That remark I regularly get during competition. I have good news: It can. Not literally of course, but in the way of a workshop.

The workshop consists of 3 parts.

We start the day together with an hour of theory. Theory of running, running techniques and exercises and what you can change in your handling so you're quicker on the spot where you want to be.

In part 2, we bring together the theory of running techniques and exercises in practice, specifically focused on agility. In particular, stopping, accelerating and turning will be discussed. We do this part without your dog and it will lasts about an hour.

In part 3 we will train handling techniques in subgroups. Using a few jumps we practice how to leave much earlier so that you'll be in the right position and make that turn. Of course you train together with your dog this part. It will take about 1.5 hours per subgroup.

Note: For this workshop you don’t need to have a athletic fitness. We won’t do an endurance run and it’s certainly not a fitness test. It’s only about how to improve running techniques and skills and about improving your handling abilities.

You do not have to be fast runner to be a quick handler.

You can hire me for this workshop at your own location. Please contact me for rates and availability.